Leaders Made Here (Oakland: Berrett-Koehler Publishers Inc, 2017)

As the Executive Trainer for Chick-fil-A, Mark Miller tells us about some amazing leadership principles set within a story about a new CEO named Blake and Charles, an old trusted friend who attempt to create a strong leadership bench. You are grabbed at the outset by statements that all leaders S.E.R.V.E.;

See The Future

Engage and Develop Others

Reinvent Continuously

Value Results and Relationships

Embody the Values

The essence of the book is about establishing a Leadership Culture. In order for this to occur there must be an agreement on certain key ideas:

  • There must be an agreement on what leadership means
  • Offer varied instructional methods of equipping others
  • Realize the power of opportunity – allow people to lead early and often
  • Establish metrics that matters
  • Leaders must walk the talk

What is at stake if you chose to not follow through on the basics just mentioned? Consider that a majority of organizational leaders cannot articulate and agreed upon definition of what leadership is. Only a very small percentage of current leaders have attended a training program in the last 24 months. One-third of emerging leaders have confidence their organization is on track to make a difference in leadership development. Fewer leaders are even involved in an ongoing coaching relationship to improve themselves. Fewer leaders that are transitioning have confidence in their successors.

If there is to be a strong bench of quality leaders, a quality culture must be created and implemented.

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