No Limits (New York: Center Street, 2017)

This book is the result of a two-hour table conversation in which all individuals acknowledged they had never read a book about Potential. From that conversation John Maxwell became motivated to write on this topic in his book, No Limits, Blow The Cap Off Your Capacity. The book is set within three parts;

  1. Awareness: Remove The Caps From Your Capacity
  2. Ability – Develop The Capacities You Already Possess
  3. Choices – Do The Things That Maximize Your Capacity

The ability to reach your fullest potential begins with a journey of AWARENESS! In this opening chapter the formula for reaching your potential is expressed; AWARENESS + ABILITY + CHOICES = CAPACITY! If you grow in your awareness, develop your abilities, and make the right choices, you can reach your capacity.

Blowing the cap off of your capacity is not about some special endowment of knowledge and expertise. It is more about who you are as a created person using your natural gifts- energy, emotional, thinking, relationships, creativity, production, and leading others.

There are ten capacities that are unique to every person. Again, the genius of this material is about utilizing our natural abilities and endowments. Responsibility, Character, Discipline, Attitude, and Spiritual capacity to name just a few. Every person is a person without limits!

It has been said that tough times do not last, but tough people do! In a radio conversation John Maxwell was asked, “How have you kept your passion hot and your energy up for forty-five years? His response was amazing; “I value people. I believe people can improve their lives. I am improving mine so I can give more. I know how to help people improve their lives. I see results in the many people I have helped.” If you are aware of yourself and your ability to improve, if you develop the abilities you already possess, and if you make the everyday choices that help you improve, you will reach your capacity.

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