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Beliefs are a part of our life experience and they determine so much about our lives. Did you know that within you is the power to do the things you never thought possible? This power becomes available to you just as soon as you are able to change your beliefs.

Self image is a collection of beliefs. It is made up of ideas that were placed in our minds by other people before we had the ability to think for ourselves. Therefore, these ideas that run our lives today were most likely placed there by other people.

As adults, we have the ability to choose who we take advice from and although we may not always get the best advice, at least we have a choice. But when we were young, we didn’t have that choice.

If success is enjoyed by 4-5% of the population, what are the odds that our minds were programmed with ideas by people who knew how things really worked? Keep in mind that our parents and guardians gave their best but they couldn’t give us what they didn’t have to give – they were the product of environmental conditioning just as we were.

If you want what information you have programmed in, all you need to do is look at your results. Your results don’t lie – your results are a reflection of your self-image. If you want to change your results, then you need to start with your self-image.

If we are not prepared to change that internal image and we do not want to go through the process of change, then we don’t deserve the change in our results. Everyone wants the change but many are not prepared to make the change. We have to take responsibility for changing the image. We may not have been responsible for creating it but we are responsible for changing it.


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Malcolm Gladwell stated that to become an expert, you need to have 10,000 hours invested. Those 10,000 hours are repeated acts of practicing a craft. Thomas Edison tried 2,000 times before he perfected the filament in an incandescent bulb. Failed attempts at something are merely practices for that victory.

Look at a baby taking her first step. Wobbly legs and lack of balance coupled with lots of falls. That baby is determined to walk. There is an innate desire to walk. An insatiable desire to walk. She practices holding on to tables, chairs, anything to stabilize as she moves about and then finally she takes that first step only to fall back onto her bottom. She gets up and tries again. Many days and weeks and even months pass and then she picks up the pace and turns those steps into runs. Have you observed a toddler running for the first time? He usually stumbles over his feet and loses his balance and falls again. And gets up and tries it over and over. Some take it to the next level and run as sport and then run professionally.

Take running a marathon as an example. You can’t get up one day and say you’re going to run a marathon this weekend without training for it. Your body will shut down early on depending on your physical capabilities. Marathon runners train for weeks and weeks on end slowly building up their stamina and distance in preparation for the big day. They practice. They practice a lot!

Look at your goals. Look at your passion and purpose in life. Are you practicing for that victory? Are you working every day to achieve that life you desire? Are you focused on the end goal?

Success is met with a lot of failures. Those who succeed persevered through the failures continually practicing for that success. Look at your life and write down those acts that you perform on a daily basis and have or are in the process of perfecting. This could be forgiveness, your profession, a hobby, guilt, love, whatever it may be – look at those things you do on a regular basis and then look at your purpose, vision and goals in life and see if they match up. If not, then make a conscientious change today to practice what is going to move you to your goals.


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Imagine taking a trip without a map. Imagine building a structure without blueprints. Imagine going through life without a plan…

Do you drift through life letting life happen to you? Does it give you angst when you know you have a higher purpose but don’t know where to start?

Let’s get out of that existential funk and begin to craft the life we want to live.

Crafting a life plan is not a simple task and will not take an hour to complete. You will need to commit to writing, meditating, contemplating and soul searching and expect this to take time. If you have the ability, go somewhere for a weekend alone and work on this – camping, hotel, man cave… however you can be alone to work on your life’s plan.

Begin to define who you are. List out your roles – husband/wife, boss, worker, sister/brother, volunteer, citizen, friend, etc.

Prioritize these roles to determine which are most important. Identify which roles cause the most stress and which are the roles you want to explore or give highest priority to. By identifying these roles you will uncover patterns and those roles you want to eliminate.


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If you knew what 500 of the world’s wealthiest people knew – would you do as they do?

Napoleon Hill dedicates an entire chapter to Persistence. Your paradigms will shift when you consistently feed your mind with repetitive information.

Hill describes the four steps that lead to the habit of persistence as:

A definite purpose backed by a burning desire for its fulfillment.

A definite plan, expressed in continuous action.

A mind closed tightly against all negative and discouraging influences, including negative suggestions of relatives, friends and acquaintances.

A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose.

These four steps will also lead to the mastery of fear, discouragement and indifference. Persistence is one of the common threads in the 500 wealthiest people’s repertoire – make it part of your daily practice.

SA Leadership Podcast Episode #072

The Law of Identity

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Shared Values Define A Team!

Just as personal values influence and guide an individual’s behavior, organizational values influence the team’s behavior! Values can help a team to become more connected and more effective. Shared values like….

GLUE – When difficult times come – and they come for every team – values hold people together. If the players don’t know what their values are – and live them out – their chances of working as a unit and reaching their potential are very small

A FOUNDATION – All teams need stability to perform well and to grow. Values provide a stable foundation that makes those things possible. You need a strong foundation and values make the strongest foundation to build on.

A RULER – Values also help set the standard for a team’s performance. Ken Blanchard stated that many companies claim to have a set of core values, but in fact what they have is a list of generic beliefs that everyone agrees upon. What is lacking is rank-order and that reveals priority.

A COMPASS – J.R. Ewing the notoriously dishonest businessman in the TV show Dallas had a moral compass that can be summarized in the following statement; “Once you give up your ethics, the rest is a piece of cake.” When individuals embrace strong values, they possess a moral compass that helps them make solid decisions.

A MAGNET – A team’s values attract people with like values to the team. The Law of Magnetism in the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership states, “Who you are is who you attract.”

IDENTITY – Values define the team and give it a unique identity to the members, potential recruit and to the public. What you believe identifies who you are.

Values Add Value TO Your Team

If you have never really thought about how your team’s values can reveal identity and increase potential try the following process.

  • Articulate the values – articulate the values to key leaders on your team at a retreat or day away.
  • Compare values with practices – Watch your team in action as these values are being lived out.
  • Teach the values – Teach everyone on the team clearly, creatively, and continually.
  • Practice the values – Values have no value unless you put them into practice.
  • Institutionalize the values – Weave the values into the core fabric of the team.
  • Publicly praise the values – “What gets rewarded gets accomplished.


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Leverage Key Skills

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Have you ever tried to remove a nut or bolt with pliers and it doesn’t budge, but when you use a wrench and get some leverage suddenly it is easy to move? That lever is such a clever tool – it is very handy and very simple.

Leverage is defined as a rigid bar that pivots about one point and is used to move an object at a second point by a force applied at a third point. So how do we apply this to achieve a competitive advantage? How do we leverage our key skills?

Most people don’t leverage their own knowledge and skillset but instead use just a fraction of what they have within themselves.

The first step is to take inventory of your assets. This doesn’t mean to list out your home, car, checking account balance… this means to list out your knowledge, your skills and your experience.

Next, explore how to get the full advantage of your asset inventory. If you own a computer or smartphone, you are frequently prompted to upgrade an application or program. There is new information available that will make your computer or phone work better (well one hopes, not always the case!). When was the last time you updated or upgraded your knowledge base? What was the last book, course, lecture or program you engaged i

So now you have an inventory and you know what needs to be upgraded. These are your key skills and strengths that you can now improve upon. You may ask why focus on your strengths and those assets that are already developed. Why not focus on weaker skillsets. This is where you need to understand that the highest yield and the most efficiency comes from developing strengths rather than improving upon weaknesses. Leave your weaknesses for someone else who exhibits those as strengths.

This allows you to leverage your key skills and will help you improve upon areas where you show the most potential.

Law of Vibration

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We are all connected. If you took a powerful microscope and viewed your hand, you would not be able to differentiate where your hand begins and ends. All things are in a constant state of vibration. The only difference between one thing and another is in the density or amplitude of vibration. Therefore, we are all connected.

When you have a thought – your brain sends out vibrations. Sometimes these are positive thoughts and sometimes these are negative thoughts. Either way, the vibrations are sent out. If you concentrate on a thought, you are increasing the density or amplitude of the vibration of those cells and the electric waves become more potent.

Those electrical waves are originating in your mind and you are choosing the density of the vibrations. Think about how powerful that is – you are choosing the density of the vibrations of your thoughts!

Everything is a manifestation of the same thing. The difference is the rate of vibration or frequency. When you are in harmony with something, you resonate with it – you are in harmonious vibration.

By concentrating on and sending out vibrations of an image in your mind, in the present tense, you are vibrating in harmony with every particle of energy that is necessary for the manifestation of your image on the physical plane. By holding that image, those particles of energy are moving toward you and you toward them – that is the law of vibration.

Think about the law of vibration – take some time to really think about this – ask questions – gather information – form an idea – test this law.

You will see that through the law of vibration, you will attract to you exactly that which you resonate with, that which you are in harmony with, that which you expend energy thinking about. If you think about lack – you attract lack. If you think about abundance – you attract abundance.

Law of Prosperity

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Spirit never expresses itself other than pure perfection, therefore, whatever imperfections do exist are always the result of our individual or collective thoughts. Because this is true, it is not necessary that you hold onto anything for fear of losing it. In fact, you will never truly enjoy anything you must hold onto because freedom in all areas of your life is absolutely essential for you to grow into the truly great human being that you are able to become.

These obstructions that we harbor are doubt, guilt, resentment, and thoughts of lack or limitation. Including any negative ideas which have a tendency to block the flow of creative energy to and through you.

When we hold onto these obstructions, we are unable to make room for the image which we are trying to create. We must resolve to letting go of all of these obstructions so that we can make space in our lives for the good that we desire.

Make room for the new you that you are creating and for that which you desire. Allowing your mind to fill with things that you have no use for stalls your ability to achieve that which you want. Let go. Make space for all the good that is awaiting you.

Make room for new clothes – for the new you that you are creating. Make room for that which you desire. Not only do I encourage you to physically clean out your closet, I have metaphorically shown you how our minds get cluttered with those things that we no longer have a use for. It is time to clean house and let go. You must continuously make space for the good that you desire – this is an exercise you will practice for the rest of your life. Let go of the old so you may make room for the new.


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My gut is telling me… I got a funny feeling about… My intuition says something isn’t right… Have you heard this before? Some of us have well developed intuitions that we trust and use to make decisions and some of us don’t trust our intuition any more than we would knock on wood.

But what is intuition? Intuition is your brain on autopilot. Think about when you take a shower. Most of us don’t think. We are on autopilot. We start with our hair and work our way down or however you do it. You do it the same every day and your brain takes in information while you are probably still waking up. Your brain is functioning outside your awareness, which is called nonconscious thinking.

It is safe to rely on nonconscious thinking for tasks such as showering, preparing that morning cup of coffee, walking or even driving to the office. These are routines that your brain is capable of handling without you getting involved in the process.

But your brain is also functioning in this capacity during complex processes that you think you are fully aware for. Our brains are capable of very complex tasks and when we involve the subconscious mind, sometimes we lose those sound judgments our intuition has processed as we begin to overthink a situation and question ourselves. We dismiss our intuition. All of the factors that influence our reactions are always available to our conscious minds.

My mentor says that spirit is our intuition and therefore is always right. In my own experiences, I have found that before I understood this concept, I questioned or flat out ignored my intuition and made some pretty bad decisions and when I accepted this thought – I found that my intuition has been spot on.

Many people believe that God speaks to us through our intuition and yet we still ignore all the signs and overthink something to disaster. Test your intuition for the next 30 days. Keep a journal of when you get a funny feeling and write down the circumstances and then the outcome. Be sure to go back after the month and review whether or not you followed your intuition and how accurate it was. It may just surprise you.


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Integrity is based on what that one person perceives another with integrity really means. Each of us has our own set of values and beliefs and therefore defining ones’ character as having or lacking integrity is subjective.

With that said, however you define integrity, I believe we all can agree that determining ones’ having integrity relies mostly on them standing for something and then staying on purpose with whatever that something is. When one sways from that purpose and behaves in a way that is no longer in alignment with what they previously stood for, they can become labeled as being out of integrity.

Have you heard – Do as I say, not as I do? Prime example of someone who does not stay on purpose with what they stand for and believe in. If they did, then the saying would be do as I say and as I do. If you are a parent, this is crucial. Parents are modeling behavior for their children. Actions speak louder than words. Children pick up on those subtle behaviors and ignore lip service.

The same holds true with adult relationships. Work or personal, it doesn’t matter. People are savvy and see right through smoke screens. Some may not be sophisticated enough or have the confidence to call another on it but when people exhibit a lack of integrity, out goes the trust factor too. You can’t trust someone who doesn’t do as they say. What they are telling you is that they don’t believe their own advice either.

In the Personal Development industry, when you are seeking help from a coach or mentor, it is important to interview and get to know the person who will be advising and guiding you through a process. Ask questions about how this has helped them. Find out what their values and beliefs are so you can match yourself with someone who has similar values and beliefs as you.