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Imagine taking a trip without a map. Imagine building a structure without blueprints. Imagine going through life without a plan…

Do you drift through life letting life happen to you? Does it give you angst when you know you have a higher purpose but don’t know where to start?

Let’s get out of that existential funk and begin to craft the life we want to live.

Crafting a life plan is not a simple task and will not take an hour to complete. You will need to commit to writing, meditating, contemplating and soul searching and expect this to take time. If you have the ability, go somewhere for a weekend alone and work on this – camping, hotel, man cave… however you can be alone to work on your life’s plan.

Begin to define who you are. List out your roles – husband/wife, boss, worker, sister/brother, volunteer, citizen, friend, etc.

Prioritize these roles to determine which are most important. Identify which roles cause the most stress and which are the roles you want to explore or give highest priority to. By identifying these roles you will uncover patterns and those roles you want to eliminate.

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  1. Garry,
    I like this article. I am asking your permission to publish it in Monday Matters. I would give full credit to you in the post.

    Trust all is going well for you and Connie in Indiana, home of the next Vice President.