SA Leadership Podcast Episode #122

Qualities of A Leader


RELATIONSHIPS: If You Get Along, They Will Go Along

The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people – Theodore Roosevelt

What can a person do to cultivate good relationships as a leader? Let’s look at three things.

Have A Leader’s Head Understand People

The first quality of a relational leader is the ability to understand how people think and feel. As you work with people, recognize that all people whether leaders or followers, have some things in common:

They like to feel special, sincerely compliment them.

They want a better tomorrow, so show them hope.

They desire direction, so navigate for them.

They are selfish, so speak to their needs first.

They get low emotionally, so encourage them.

They want success, so help them win.

Recognizing these truths, a leader still must be able to treat people as individuals. The ability to look at each person, understand them, and connect with them is a major factor in relational success. Ron Nichols states in business that if you treat every customer the same way, you will close only 25% of your contacts, because you will only close one type of personality. He goes on to say that if you learn to adapt to all four personality types, you can effectively close 100% of your contacts.

You have to be able to adapt your leadership style to the person you are attempting to lead.

Have A Leaders Heart Love People

Henry Gruland once CEO of Definitive Computer Services stated, Being a leader is more than just wanting to lead. Leaders have empathy for others and a keen ability to find the best people…not the worst…by truly caring for others.

Albert Einstein stated that man is here on earth for the sake of other men. You cannot truly be effective as a leader, the kind that people want to follow, unless you love people.

Extend A Leader’s Hand Help People

Le Roy Krutz of General Motors states, the fields of industry are strewn with the bones of organizations whose leadership became infested with dryrot…who believed in taking instead of giving…who did

To strengthen your relationships try the following….

IMPROVE YOUR MIND – If you lack understanding, start reading good materials on the subject. Some suggestions might be, Dale Carnegie, Alan Loy McGinnis, Les Parrot III. Them spend time observing people and talking to them to apply what you have learned.

STRENGTHEN YOUR HEART – If you are not as caring for other people, then shift the focus off of yourself. Make a simple list of things that you can do to add value to others. Do one of them each day.

REPAIR A HURTING RELATIONSHIP – Think about a long-term friendship that has faded. Do what you can to rebuild it. Get in touch with the person and try to reconnect. If there was a falling out, take responsibility for your part and apologize. Try to better understand, love and serve that person.


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