SA Leadership Podcast Episode #135

Explore Possibility Thinking


Explore Possibility Thinking

Nothing is so embarrassing as watching someone do something that you said could not be done – Sam Ewing

People with possibility thinking are capable of accomplishing tasks that seem impossible because they believe in solutions. Here are 7 reasons why you should become a possibility thinker.

Possibility Thinking Increases Your Possibilities

When you believe you can do something difficult and you succeed – many doors will open for you. George Lucas succeeded in making Star Wars despite those who said the special effects had never been done or simply stated that it was impossible. Lucas created a company called Industrial Light and Magic to produce what others said was impossible

Possibility Thinking Draws Opportunities and People To You

People who think big attract big people. You must become a possibility thinker to accomplish big things.

Possibility thinking Increases Others’ Possibilities

Big thinkers who make big things happen also create possibilities for others. Big thinking is contagious. You can’t help think bigger thoughts when you are around big thinkers. Who desires to wake every morning and declare to the world that I want to be average!

Possibility Thinking Allows You To Dream Big Dreams

No matter what your profession, possibility thinking can help you to broaden your horizons and dream bigger dreams. Professor David Schwartz believes that big thinkers are specialists in creating positive forward-looking optimistic pictures in their minds and in the minds of other people.

Possibility Thinking Makes It Possible To Rise Above Average

Back in the era of the oil crisis in the 70’s, auto manufacturers attempted to make cars lighter for fuel efficiency. They concluded that it could not be done. They gave the project to an unknown engineering group who believed in solving problems and found ways to cut the weight by hundreds of pounds. Every time that you remove the label IMPOSSIBLE from a task, you increase your potential from average to off the charts.

Possibility Thinking Gives You Energy

A direct correlation exists between possibility thinking and the level of one’s energy. Thinks about it, who gets energized by the prospect of losing? If you believe that something is impossible, how much time and energy are you going to give it?

Possibility Thinkers Keep You From Giving Up

Above all, possibility thinkers believe they can succeed. Denis Waitley, author of The Psychology of Winning, states, The winners in life think constantly in terms of I can, I will, and I am. Losers, on the other hand, concentrate their waking thoughts on what they should have done, or what they don’t do.” If you believe you can’t do something, then it does not matter how hard that you try, you have already lost.

In order to feel the energy that possibility thinking can bring into your life, I want offer six suggestions for your consideration. Remember that people with a “It-can’t-be-done” attitude have two choices. Either they think about the worst scenario and experience regularly or change their thinking. Here are six suggestions of feeling the energy of possibility thinking.

1.Stop Focusing on impossibilities

2.Stay away from the experts

3.Look for possibilities in every situation

4.Dream one size bigger

5.Question the status quo

6.Find inspiration from great achievers

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