SA Leadership Podcast Episode #141

Limitless Capacity


Develop The Capacity You Already Possess

If you think about capacity in the singular you may be thinking about it incorrectly. What if it is multi-faceted? Allow me to demonstrate this fact with the following list of some capacities.

  • Energy Capacity – push through physical limits
  • Emotional Capacity – managing emotions well
  • Thinking Capacity – effective thinking
  • People Capacity – building relationships
  • Creative Capacity – seeing options and discovering answers
  • Production Capacity – accomplishments
  • Leadership Capacity – lifting and leading others

Everyone possesses these capacities and everyone of these capacities is significant to your success. By continually maximizing today’s capacity in these areas, you exponentially increase tomorrow’s potential.

Understand these capacities do not work in isolation. They work together. There are two ways of thinking about this subject. First, your capacity builds in layers. This creates a foundation that you can build your life upon. Seeing these capacities as a unit will give you the strength to build your life upon, you can build something strong and weighty that will stand for a very long time.

Secondly, these capacities connect together. Every time you increase a capacity, it has the potential to synergize with the other capacities which in turn will increase your potential. For example when you increase your energy capacity so that you push through physical barriers, and you increase your leadership capacity, which is lifting others, you overall effectiveness increases. Where you once ran out of energy and stopped engaging with people, you will now push through when it is needed.

As you develop these seven core capacities, explore your options as you engage the upcoming podcasts. Look for ways to expand your ability!



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