SA Leadership Episode #146

Creative Capacity – Your Abilities to See Options and Find Answers


8 Keys To Increasing Creative Capacity

I Believe There Is Always an Answer

The words reactive and creative are made up of the same letters. The only difference is where you place the letter C. I believe the first lesson on creative capacity is how do we see challenges? I believe there is always an answer, no matter what the question is. The question moves from “Is there an answer?” to “What is the answer?” That is creativity in action! Creativity is a mind-set. You have to believe that answers and solutions are out there if your are willing to keep fighting to find them.

I Believe There Is More Than One Answer

The word OPTIONS is a great word. Consider what three options there might be to solving any problem. This keeps you open-minded. If you can become flexible and demonstrate the ability to adapt to fluctuating situations you

You will become more successful. When you believe there is always an answer, it aids your creativity.

I Believe That Everything and Everyone Can Get Better

Creative people always believe there are better ways to do things. Do not cap your expectations! What you define as impossible today is impossible only in the context of present paradigms. When you believe that everyone and everything can get better, it gives you confidence that you can make a difference.

I Understand That Questions Help Me To Be More Creative

Questions always spur creativity. They cause you to explore and to seek out and explore. But, the greatest detriment to continual success is relying on past success. John Wooden, 10 National Championships made this statement, “Everyday I coached I ask myself how could I make the team better?” Coach Wooden was never satisfied on yesterdays success.

I Am Confortable With Half-Baked Ideas

Consider this three step process on advancing half-baked ideas.

EXPOSURE of an idea to the right people

EXPRESSION from their different perspectives equals

EXPANSION of an idea beyond our personal ability

There are three benefits for following this simple three step process. First we increase our odds of being successful. Secondly, we gain more practice with creative ideas. Thirdly, we become more confortable with our misses.

I Am Confortable Letting Go of What I Embraced Yesterday

When was the last time that you had to let go of something that was special that no longer works today? It is easier to let go of something if you are going to get something better. By the same token you cannot fall in love with structure. When structure, rules and regulations becomes your security, you stop being creative.

I Ask Creative People To Help Me

This is more than a creative think-tank session. You want people that can help you generate an abundance of solutions, variety of solutions, the ability to build out good ideas, imaginative ideas, and they share your values and priorities. Leave out the critics, editors, educators, and analysts. They kill the process. You want people that will sore and fly high with ideas.

I Give Myself Creative Retreats

William Faulkner stated, “I write only when inspiration strikes. Fortunately, it strikes every morning at nine a.m. sharp.” Creativity flourishes in solitude. Learn to take thinking and planning retreat for yourself. There is a direct relationship between scheduling a creative retreat and being inspired to create.


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