SA Leadership Podcast Episode #148

Leadership Capacity - You Ability To Lift and Lead Others


In the 1970’s Earl Nightingale stated, “If a person spends one hour a day, five days a week for five years studying a single subject, he or she will become an expert on that subject.”

The truth of the matter is that the more that study the more you understand how much you do not know! There are two-sides to the Leadership Coin. Liz Wiseman former Oracle Executive and President of the Wiseman Group in Silicon Valley wrote a book, Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter. She gave a presentation on The Five Disciplines of A Multiplier; Here are those five.

The Talent Magnet – attracts talented people and uses them at their highest point of contribution.

The Liberator – creates an intense environment that requires people’s best thinking and work.

The Challenger – defines an opportunity that causes people to stretch.

The Debate Maker – drives sound decisions through rigorous debate.

The Investor – gives other people ownership of the results and invests in their success.

However, Liz Wiseman goes on to state how that Multipliers unwittingly diminish people. Here are six thoughts.

The Idea Guy – intends his ideas to stimulate ideas in others but the results is that he overwhelms others, who often shut down.

Always on – intends to create infectious energy and share his point of view, but the result is that he consumes all of the emotional space, and other people tune him out.

The Rescuer – intends to ensure that people are successful and protect their reputation, but he makes people become dependent on him, which weakens their reputation.

The Pacesetter – intends to set a high standard for quality or pace, but people become spectators or give up when they can’t keep up.

The Rapid Responder – intends to keep the organization moving fast but the result is that the organization moves slowly because there is a traffic jam of too many decisions or changes.

The Optimist – intends to create a belief that the team can do it, but people wonder if he appreciates how difficult the journey is or acknowledges the possibility of failure.

Leadership development has a layering effect. We lead today from what we are learning today. Yesterday’s knowledge has led us to today’s opportunities. We must lead from the present and not the past. I want offer four (4) deep insights.

Ask Questions & Listen to Understand & Find Your People

Communication is the language of leadership. Author William Whyte stated that the great enemy of communication is the illusion of it. It seems that we tend to believe that as long as we are talking and giving direction that we are communicating. A leader focuses on vision and they tend to think that leadership is all about them and what they want to have happen. The truth of the matter it is more about getting to know those who labor with you and in turn they learn who you are. Leadership is a two-way street. Before we set things right as leaders – we need to see things right.

Connect With People Before Asking Them To Change

By nature leadership is about creating change. A leaders invites people to change their focus, energy, skills and sometimes direction of life. How do you get people to trust you with so many changes? The foundations of trust needs to be built on good relationships and good relationships start with good connection.

Demonstrate Transparency Before Challenging People

One of the most valuable things you can do to increase your leadership capacity is to be authentic and transparent with people. Share your story, especially before you challenge them to do something difficult. Too many leaders feel they must project a perfect image in order to have credibility. They feel they have to put their best foot forward. What they are missing is that their best foot forward is flawed. They miss the power of their imperfect story. The leaders story of struggle, growth, and improvement can inspire others and change their lives!

Put Others Ahead of Yourself

As a leader you must make the shift from ME to WE! Consider these three factors that will help you to make this change.

Reality As the Challenge Escalates, The Need For Teamwork Elevates. Are your dreams bigger than yourself? When we realize this truth, it motivates us to ask others for help. As important as it is to develop a vision – it is greater to develop others to achieve their vision and dreams. Elevate others!

Maturity With One Tiny Exception, The World is Composed of Others – Maturity is defined as unselfishness! Get over your own sense of worth and help others achieve significance!

Profitability Measure Your Success by What You Give, Not What You Gain – I want to close with these three thoughts…

Never focus on making money – focus on making people!

Never focus on starting companies – focus on starting people!

Never focus on growing production – focus on growing people!


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