5 Keys To Becoming A Person of Action

5 Keys to Becoming A Person of Action

Am I a person of Action?

Col Chamberlain – “My future is immediate I will capture it and carry it with running feet.”

Hesitation will never get you answers – John Maxwell – Only action will get you miracles!!
There is a point that you must move from action and intuition to moving out from answers with experience and intuition. You cannot always know the plan.

5 Keys to Action

1. Overcome Your Fears – fear paralysis’s action. Fear of failure keeps us from action – put the ask out there. What is the source of the fear? Take Action – Once you have identified your fear, you must act. Fear is the single greatest lid on activity. Failure is not final.
2. Prepare to make quick decisions – Calvin Coolidge stated that we cannot do everything at once, but buy God we can all act on something at once. Changing the world begins with a single act. Good preparation when it is aligned with who we are will pay off one day! When opportunity comes it is too late to prepare – Coach Wooden
3. Have a growth plan and work your growth plan – When you action steps are aligned with intentionality to your life plan – miracles will occur. Growth’s highest reward is not what you get from it, it is who you become through it. End of construction – thanks for your patience – Ruth Graham’s headstone.
4. Become an early riser – Mark Cole’s mother stated that something was wrong with her because she had to take a nap this morning even thought she slept 3 hours. I must be getting old! Thomas Jefferson stated “whether I go to bed early or late, I will arise with the sun! Action defines who you are!” “Determine to never be idle – it is amazing what can be accomplished when we are in action” T. Jefferson. The harder I work and the harder I work the more luck I have – T Jefferson. John Maxwell – Think until you think through!
5. Capitalize on your strengths – we all excel at something, leverage that to advance your dreams. Answers will become the by-product of movement.

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