SA Leadership Podcast Episode #078

A Game Plan For Life

Significance Begins HERE

Insights Into The 5 Levels of Leadership

You Can Move Up A Level But You Never Leave The Previous One Behind

You Are Not On The Same Level With Every Person

The Higher You Go, The Easier It Is To Lead

The Higher you, The More Time and Commitment Is Required To Win A Level

Moving Up Levels Occurs Slowly, But Going Down Can Happen Quickly

The Higher You Go, The Greater the Return

Moving Farther Up Always Requires Further Growth

Not Climbing The Levels Limits You and Your People

When You Change Positions or Organizations, You Seldom Stay at The Same Level

You Cannot Climb The Levels Alone

Good leaders do not lead everyone the same. Every person is different and you are not on the same level of leadership with everyone in the same way. Effective leaders leaders interact with followers based on:

  • Where they are with that specific follower
  • Where the follower perceives the leader to be
  • Where the followers are in their own leadership development

I believe that every person has the ability to improve in leadership!!


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