SA Leadership Podcast Episode #139

Limitless Capacity


Do You Know What Is Limiting You?

Understanding some deep truths about capacity.

Your Capacity is Not Set

If you are like most people, I bet you would like to achieve more out of life that what you are currently experiencing. Have you accomplished everything? Or Do you want to do more, be more, and see more? So the question is, “What is getting in your way?” If you do not know what is getting in your way, how will you remove it? Many times label’s get in the way – High capacity people Vs. Low capacity people. Maybe you just accept that as reality. That’s a problem! Many people hear the word capacity and see only limitations because they believe it is set. Therefore people give up on the idea that capacity can enlarge and that I can learn. Many people do not lead their lives, they accept their lives and call it fate!

Activist Roberto Verzola stated regarding economists, “The most fundamental assumption in economists is scarcity. This in effect assumes away abundance…when confronted with abundance they fall back into inadequate theories based upon scarcity.” In other words Verzola is describing limitations. So that we are clear, I believe that 100% of people can grow and increase their potential. I would also acknowledge that all of us have caps on our capacity. Some caps are fixed, but others are not. This truth should never be allowed as an excuse to not grow. See beyond your caps.

You Can Become Aware of The Possibilities That Can Make You Better

If you lack awareness, then you do not know that you are unaware. It is a blind spot. You do not know what you do not know. You cannot see what you cannot see. Here are four (4) things to think about to become more self-aware.

ATTENTION: Looking for what I need to know. This means that we need to look at old habits in new ways. Who we are determines how we see others.

AWARENESS: Discovering what I need to know. There are some items that can prevent this discovery.


Success fantasies that are not grounded in reality

Talking without listening to others

Unresolved negative emotions

Habitual self-distractions

Absence of personal reflection

Unwillingness to pay the price to gain experience

DISCERNMENT: Focusing on what I need to do. As you grow in your understanding, you must now learn where to focus your attention. The old adage is true; chase two rabbits and you catch neither.

INTENTION: Acting on what I need to do. We get results when we take what we have learned and put it into action.

You Can Remove The Caps From Your Capacity

The next step in this process is to remove caps that are holding you back. Awareness changes everything. As soon as you become aware that some limitations are artificial we begin to overcome them. In the book If It Ain’t BrokeBreak It! The authors write, “We don’t have a clue as to what people’s limits are. All tests, stopwatches and finish lines in the world cannot measure human potential….Our ability is largely untapped.”

You Can Develop Capacities That You Already Possess

Here are seven capacities that you can maximize…

Energy Capacity – Your ability to push physically

Emotional Capacity – Your ability to manage your emotions

Thinking Capacity – Your ability to think effectively

People Capacity – Your ability to develop relationships

Creative Capacity – Your ability to see options and find answers

Production Capacity – your ability to accomplish results

Leadership Capacity – Your ability to lift and lead others

You Can Make Choices That Maximize Your Possibilities

Here are some choices that you can make that will increase your capacity.

Responsibility  Risk(non-Comfort Zone)

Character  Spiritual

Abundance(There is more)  Growth

Intentionality  Partnerships



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