SA Leadership Podcast Episode #142

Limitless Capacity


Energy Capacity Push on Physically

The three R’s Applied To Energy

Over the years I have noticed that people who reach their capacity do not sit back and wait for things to happen to them. They go out and make things happen. That takes energy. How do you focus your energy? Here are three R’s to help you:

1.Requirement – What I have to do

2.Return – What I do well

3.Reward – What I love to do

Even if you don’t have the power to change what is required of you on the job, there are ways to maximize your energy. Consider the following 4 questions.

When Am I Fully Charged?

In his book Are You Fully Charged? Author Tom Rath suggests three conditions for a person to experience a “full charge” in their day:

  • MEANING – Doing something that benefits another person
  • INTERACTIONS – Creating far more positive than negative moments
  • ENERGY – Making choices that improve your mental and physical health

What are the items that answer this question in your life? Consider investing in your family, staying in your gift zone, adding value to others, or possessing a God awareness. You determine the things that energize you.

What Wears Me Down?

Many people have been raised with the “anything-is-possible” myth. Gallup has proven in their studies on disengagement in the work place that people spend years going uphill doing things they are not good at. That is exhausting! Why spend your life trying to be what you are not.

How Successful Are My Energy Pluses?

Tom Rather says that research shows that proximity matters a lot. He says your-well being is more dramatically affected by people you see every day than it is by distant connections. People are not the only energy sources, almost anything can boost our energy. Exercise, music, books, quotes, and inspirational podcasts can give an energy shot. The key point is PROXIMITY! How close are you to the sources that give you a boost.

Where Is The Space for Things I Need but Haven’t Planned?

In an article from Harvard Business Review on Managing Energy stated, “Without intermittent recovery, we are not physiologically capable of sustaining highly positive emotions for long periods. Confronted with relentless demands and unexpected challenges, people tend to slip into negative emotions…Such states of mind drain people’s energy and cause friction in their relationships.


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