SA Leadership Podcast Episode #150

P.L.A.N. A.H.E.A.D.


This podcast will focus of the title “Plan Ahead” by developing an acronym that will give us insight and action steps on making the upcoming year our best ever.

Pre-determine your objectives.

The Law of Design: to maximize growth, develop strategies and think on the front end.

Ask: What do I want to accomplish? Make it simple.

Glance back to plan forward. Consider where you’ve been and what you know. Then, plan forward.

“Thinking on the front end is essential to success.”

Thinking on the front-end, you’re preparing. Thinking on the back-end, you’re repairing.

Lay out your goals.

The Law of Awareness: you must know yourself to grow yourself.

You can’t lay out goals if you don’t know who you are. Define reality.

The facts of “goal-awareness”: We can’t arrive at a place we haven’t decided to travel to.

As humans, we are easily diverted.

Our goals are stepping stones to our objectives. Objective is the big picture.

When we see our goals as stepping stones we’re more likely to reach them.

4 Facts on Goal Awareness

You cannot arrive where you have not decided to travel too

As humans we are easily diverted

Our goals are stepping stones to our objective

When we see our goals as stepping stones we are more likely to keep moving   instead of stopping

Adjust your priorities.

The steps you need to take are going to be in conflict with the habits you have to get there. There is a tension between what you desire and the habits you have presently and will keep you from the primary objective

Ask: Are all my priorities in line with the steps I’m going to take to reach my objectives?

“Priorities not adjusted overtime become wrong priorities.”

The Law of Trade-offs: you have to give up to go up.

Look at what you have, what you want, and what you’re willing to give up to get it.

Example: Create a table and put in the pluses and minuses of a decision.

Don’t make a decision based on the number of pluses or minuses. ASK: Where is my passion? Your passion will skew the weight of your decision.

Notify key personnel.

The Law of Modeling: it’s hard to improve when you have no one but yourself to follow.

Bring people around you and set expectations on the front end, then model behavior on the back end.

Who do I need to notify when I’m going through a big project or change? Family, team, friends.

Personalize it. Let them know how it will impact them.

Equip them. Give them the information and tools they need to succeed.

Bring accountability into the situation to ensure we get it done.

“There always has to be accountability with empowerment.”

Allow time for acceptance.

The Law of Reflection: learning to pause allows growth to catch up with you.

Big changes must be given time. Big changes must value the past.

Let people ask questions, be heard, hear and process.

Head into action.

The Law of Intentionality: growth doesn’t just happen.

Don’t wait for fear to subside or problems to disappear. Take action.

Momentum is your best friend. Seize the moment.

Fight fear with action.

We never eliminate negative emotion, but we can feed positive emotion.

Feed your faith and starve your doubts.”

Momentum Breakers vs. Momentum Makers past focused vs. future focused

critical view vs. constructive view, traditional thinking vs. creative thinking,

indecision vs. action

Expect problems.

The Law of Pain: good management of bad experiences leads to great growth.

Every day we will experience pain and disappointment.

Motion causes friction.

Fact of Life vs. Problem: A fact of life is something I can’t change.

A problem can be fixed or worked on.

If you can’t change a fact of life, change your attitude about the fact of life.

Problems are an opportunity for creativity.

Always point to the successes.

The Law of Mirror: must see value in self to add value to self and others.

When people are pointing to failures, who’s going to point to your successes?

The price tag you put on self is the price tag others put on you.

The price tag you put on others is the price tag they put on themselves.

Once you’ve had a success, celebrate that success.

You’ve got to be your own champion.

Daily review your progress.

The Law of Consistency: motivation gets you going, but disciple keeps you growing.

Consistency compounds. It doesn’t show up in the beginning, but it does in the end.

“Occasional” doesn’t work in life. “Sometimes” doesn’t work in life.

The only way you can plan ahead and do well is to daily review your progress.

To get bigger in the future, you’ve got to be bigger in the present.

“Getting ready” is the secret of success. It will give you the highest return.

It’s not making the big decision for the future. It’s making


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