Get Your Dominos In Order

The Power of Showing Up Daily

BA - Fort Wayne Bible College
MAR - Trinity Evangelical Divinity
D.Min - Grace Theological Seminary
Birkman Certified Coach
John Maxwell Certified Team Member
Myers/Briggs Certified
FIRO-B Certified
TKI Certified
25 Years Executive Coaching

As you think about 2018, what is the number one goal that you could write down right now? It is a goal that consumes your thoughts and imaginations. It is living into your fullest potential for 2018. The next thing to consider is what do you need to do sequentially to get to your number #1 goal? What are the small steps that will move you in the direction of that number #1 goal? These daily small steps are in fact cascading action steps that result in accomplishment.

If you are to improve your leadership capability in 2018 you must begin with a conscious awareness of yourself and your surrounding. Shepherds Advantage Coaching is a premier program that not only grounds your life in conscious awareness of your surroundings, but also focuses the dreams and passions that are already inside of you. Click on the link below for detailed information on our coaching experience.


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